17 Holiday Gifts for Handy Dads and DIY Moms

Shopping for DIY enthusiasts during the holiday season can be difficult. What do you get the person who probably has almost every home improvement and crafting gadget under the sun? Why not try giving something that will make their projects easier to complete.

For some thoughtful gifts for the handy dad and DIY mom in your life, here is your ultimate holiday gift guide.

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Wilton BASH Ball Pein Hammer

A hammer is an essential part of every handyman’s toolbox, so it is likely your mom or dad already has a hammer for knocking in the odd nail or two. However, there are hammers, and then there are BASH hammers.

Nothing can compare to the comfort and performance of a BASH hammer. With a handle designed to reduce vibration, and a rubberized anti-slip grip, you never need to worry about losing hold of your hammer again. The head is also equipped with a safety plate to keep the head secure while you work.

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Matador Surface

Home improvement, auto repairs and general DIYing can be a messy business, and often the clean-up can be enough to put off even the most dedicated handyman. Make clean-up a breeze for Mom and Dad with Matador Surface.

Matador Surface is not just a drop cloth; it is a portable work surface that can turn any area into a workspace. It is waterproof, leak-proof and oil-proof, and not only protects the surface underneath, but also your tools and equipment, with its integrated hardware trap.

It has an easy-fold design that allows it to fit in any toolbox, and even contains measuring tools and markers. The icing on the cake, however, is the bottle opener, so you can crack open a cold one once your project is complete.

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TEC 6300 Pneumatic Spray Gun

TEC 6300 Pneumatic Spray Gun

Projects with heat-sensitive surfaces can present a problem for even the most experienced DIYer. It can be difficult to find an adhesive with sufficient bonding strength that doesn’t damage the delicate surface.

A pneumatic spray adhesive gun is the perfect gift for your DIY mom. With an adjustable dispensing pattern and rapid cooling glue, the TEC 6300 is ideal for any home project with heat-sensitive materials.

The heavy-duty gun can dispense up to 9 pounds of glue per hour, so that you can use it for either large or small projects. It has a comfortable grip and smooth operating trigger, and it can also be fitted with a variety of additional nozzles to suit any project.

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Cordless Glue Gun

Cordless Glue Gun

Any serious crafter will probably already have a hot glue gun in their craft kit, but long electrical cords can limit your mobility and access to a project, and extreme heat and electrical wiring can both be a recipe for disaster.

A cordless glue gun will help your DIY mom glue complex projects, and access confined spaces with ease. It is a high-performance gun powered by butane cartridges and can dispense 3.3 pounds of glue per hour for heavy duty projects. It also comes with a metal gun stand so you can safely set down your glue gun between uses for an ideal hands-free solution, as well as 5 pounds of multipurpose glue sticks so Mom can get started on her projects straight away.

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Leatherman Wave Multitool

To save your handy Dad time and energy from running to and from his toolbox, ensure he is never without a multitool on his toolbelt, and Leatherman makes some of the best multi-tools on the market.

The Wave multitool is the ultimate multifunctional gift, combining 17 tools in one. In addition to multiple cutting implements and a variety of pliers, it also features a range of drivers and a diamond tip file.

The lanyard attachment makes it easy to access, and the tools all have locking features for added safety. All the tools can also be operated with one hand, which means Dad has his other hand free for added stability in high or tight places, or to give you a high five for such an awesome gift.

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Magazine Subscriptions

For a gift that keeps on giving all year long, give Mom or Dad a magazine subscription to keep them inspired by the latest gear, gadgets and projects. There are so many different DIY magazines available that it can be difficult to choose just one. But for a fantastic option that covers DIY projects around the home, as well as automotive repairs, and general advice, try The Family Handyman.

The Family Handyman has advice for absolute DIY beginners to experienced experts, including a step-by-step instruction for DIY projects, and safety advice about proper tool handling and maintenance. A one-year subscription gives you eight issues, meaning Mom and Dad will never be without a project to keep them occupied.

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Dent Repair Kit

Dent Repair Kit

Dents are a car owner’s nightmare, and automotive repairs are notoriously tricky for anyone without serious car expertise. Fortunately, Dad no longer needs to send the car to the panel beater for minor dents.

A dent repair kit will provide Dad with all the tools he needs to seamlessly repair minor dents, without the need for a costly exterior paint job. The kit includes a dual level dent lever for better weight distribution when removing the dent, while the flexible feet contour easily to any surface panel.

The nylon knockdown evens out over-pulled dents while being gentle on paint. And, the hot glue seals any scratches to prevent corrosion.

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Wood Repair Kit

Wood Repair Kit

Woodworkers know the struggles of trying to repair knots and scratches in carpentry. Often, in your attempts to repair one scratch, you cause another. Save Mom the frustration of restoring furniture or repairing knot defects, with an easy-to-use wood repair kit.

This wood repair kit is not only suitable for wooden furniture and carpentry, but also hardwood floors, windows and door frames. The kit contains 12 adhesive sticks in different color blends, which you can match to your woodwork using the handy color swatches. It also comes with a heavy-duty hot glue gun for easy application, and a small ergonomic plane for evening out surfaces for a smooth finish.

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Moleskin Notebook

A big part of DIYing and home improvement is the planning stage. Help your mom or dad plan their projects out to perfection with a beautiful and functional workbook from Moleskin. The quality design is perfect for sketching ideas, jotting down measurements and charting your progress.

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The A4 Moleskin workbook comes in both hard and soft covers, as well as three different paper types including grid, ruled and plain. It also features an index and numbered pages to help them keep track of their projects, and detachable sheets and to-do lists to help them organize their thoughts on paper.

If your folks prefer a digital version, Moleskin now offers Paper Tablet, which is embedded with invisible Ncoded tech that transfers your written notes and drawings to your smart device in real time with the help of the Moleskin Notes app.

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Golf Club Weighting Kit

Golf Club Weighting Kit

Adding a few extra yards to your drive is every golfer’s dream, and for the handy golfer, this can be achieved simply by adding a little weight to your clubs for extra heft. For the perfect gift for the mom or dad who loves to golf, choose a golf club weighting kit.

This golf club weighting kit will add speed to your club head, helping you to drive balls faster and further. The adhesive in the kit remains tacky after application, so your handy work won’t be shattered upon impact with the ball.

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Red Wing Heritage Work Boots

Handy work and DIY can often result in injury if you aren’t wearing the right protection. But, you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for safety. Keep Dad’s feet protected and comfortable with this pair of work boots.

Red Wing has been making quality footwear for over 100 years. All boots are made from supple leather from the company’s own tannery, which is located in the U.S. They are hand-crafted by skilled leather workers, and tested for durability. Not only will they keep Mom or Dad’s feet protected from DIY accidents, but they are also as stylish as they are functional.

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Futura Drafting Desk and Crafting Station

A functional workstation is vital for any crafter to organize, plan and execute their project. Give Mom or Dad a beautiful space to do what they enjoy most with a sleek drafting desk and crafting station.

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The Futura drafting desk and crafting station is made of durable powder-coated steel with a tempered glass top, which is not only functional but stylish. The table top can be angled to 35 degrees for a more ergonomic drawing surface, and can also be used as a light table. There are removable trays along each side to keep your craft supplies organized, and three under-desk drawers for extra storage.

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Bosse Ergonomic Shovel

Digging in the garden and shoveling snow can be tough on your back and legs, so to keep Mom or Dad safe from injury and make those labor-intensive digging jobs easier. Give them the gift of an ergonomic shovel from Bosse.

A Bosse ergonomic shovel will cut digging time in half due to its fully rotating handles, which give additional angles to dig from without any unnatural spinal twisting that can lead to injury. The handle has a durable rubber grip for added power and lift, and the shovel comes in a variety of designs from wide snow shovels, round and square point shovel, and deep scoop shovels, so you can tackle any job around the home.

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Stanley Fubar Demolition Tool

Before you can create something amazing, sometimes you must do a little demolition first. Whether you need to remove nails or walls, the Stanley Fubar Demolition Bar is a tool that is meant to do some serious damage, no matter how big or small the project.

The Stanley Fubar is a precision-ground tool that is suitable for ripping, prying and cutting. It has a bolted on, ergonomic grip for added comfort and to reduce slippage. Its wide-beveled end will pry out any nail, but it has a second nail pulled to increase leverage. Put simply, this is the only demo tool the home handyman will ever need.

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Stanley Barflex Work Light

For jobs or emergency repairs in the dark, you need a light that can fit into any space and leave your hands free to get the job done. While small lamps may fit into snug places, they often don’t emit enough light to see what you are doing correctly.

The Barflex work light can hang or stand on almost any surface due to the 360-degree hanging carabiner and magnetic base. It is compact enough to take with you into tight, dim spaces, while the housing is heavy-duty and impact resistant. The flexible base can pivot in any direction for precision illumination, and the light bar contains 26 ultra-bright LED lamps, so your handyman can continue with his projects even after the sun goes down.

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MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

If your folks are constantly searching for nails, screws or other small metallic pieces when they are trying to complete a project, then the MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband is the perfect stocking stuffer these holidays.

The wraparound wristband is embedded with super strong magnets that will hold onto those tiny objects that are easy to lose, as well as small tools like scissors and screwdrivers, for the best hands-free solution for any DIY project. It has an adjustable strap, so one size fits all, making it suitable for the handyman or your DIY mom, so they never have to hunt for missing parts again.

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Custom Leathercraft Handyman Work Gloves

Working Gloves

DIY projects around the home and garden or handling rough materials can take a toll on the soft skin on your hands, causing uncomfortable chafing and dryness. Gloves are an absolute necessity for the home DIYer, but often protective gloves are bulky, making it difficult to handle materials precisely.

Custom Leathercraft gloves are slim-fitting, while still containing padding and insulation for superior protection, while still allowing for more mobility in the fingers. The exterior of the glove has rubberized grip pads to prevent slipping, and the Velcro wrist strap keeps the glove secured.

Final Thoughts

For lovers of DIY and home improvements, the best gift you can give is something to help them enjoy what they love doing most. Give one of these thoughtful gifts these holidays to show how much you appreciate all the projects Mom and Dad have completed. Or, even try DIYing your own gift, if you can get your folks to let you borrow their awesome gadgets.

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