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Your Complete Guide to Polyamide Hot Melt

Monday August 1, 2016

Complete guide to polyamide hot melt

Seeking a solution for a hard-to-bond material? Need a super-strong bond that will hold up to challenging conditions? Polyamide hot melt may be your answer.

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Trend Alert: APAO Adhesives for Projects on a Budget

Tuesday September 1, 2015

Who says the adhesive industry can’t be trendy? Whether you want to call it “cheap chic” or the “look for less,” you’ve probably heard of the craze sweeping the design and fashion industries allowing average consumers to enjoy the look and feel of luxury goods at a lower cost.  While you may be more concerned with function rather than fashion in the hot melt industry, APAO hot melts have jumped on the trend! APAO adhesives provide many of the same high performing benefits of a quality polyamide adhesive, at a much lower cost.

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Surebonder Quadrack Glue Sticks Now Available

Tuesday July 28, 2015

Surebonder Quadrack Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Surebonder, the leading manufacturer of high-quality glue guns and hot melt adhesive, has just released Quadrack glue sticks. They currently offer Quadrack glue sticks in their 701 and 725 formulas.

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The Ultimate 3M Hot Melt Glue Stick Guide

Wednesday June 3, 2015

The Ultimate 3M hot melt glue stick guide

One of the most widely recognized hot melt brands in the world, 3M has created an amazing selection of hot melt glue sticks for every type of application and bonding need. This article seeks to highlight and simplify the process of choosing the perfect formulation and size of 3M Scotch Weld glue stick. 

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Premium Packaging Hot Melt Sticks

Monday May 19, 2014

Infinity Melt premium packing glue stick guide.

We are very excited to introduce the new line of Infinity packaging glue sticks. Infinity has been creating some amazing products recently (see Tough Guy glue sticks) and we have just finished internal testing on all of their new packaging formulations. 

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Low Odor Packaging Hot Melt Sticks

Monday April 7, 2014 adds new packaging glue sticks! Now we know this might not be exciting for everyone, but for some of us who smell hot melt on a regular basis it's pretty amazing. Power Adhesives Tec 341 was formulated to be a low odor hot melt. We have tested it here in house and it delivers! This fast setting hot melt works wonderfully for carton closing.

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Infinity Melt Tough Guy Hot Melt Review

Thursday March 27, 2014

When we received our first batch of Infinity Tough Guy glue sticks for testing we weren't sure they would be able to live up to the hype. Tough Guy was touted as the glue stick to try when all other glue sticks failed. Let's say we were pleasantly surprised with the results

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1/2" Glue Stick Recommendations by Application

Tuesday March 11, 2014

We are often asked, "what is the best glue stick for [insert application here]", so we decided to write down some of our favorite hot melt sticks based on the how they are being used by different industries. Here you will find the best-in-class glue sticks for a variety of common applications.

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Corrugated Plastics Assembly Hot Melt

Monday October 21, 2013

Corrugated plastic packaging and product assembly is a quickly growing field and until now finding a bulk hot melt that provides excellent bond strength and optimal set time has been difficult if not impossible. Enter the Ad Tech 189-800, a bulk hot melt formulated specificially for corrugated plastic assembly.

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The Perfect Hot Melt for Freezer Packaging

Friday July 26, 2013

Freezer grade glue stick for packaging

Finding the right hot melt for freezer packaging is no easy feat. When it comes to selecting a freezer grade adhesive not only do you have to consider environmental factors, but also the substrate itself. Many freezer and refrigeration stored products have coated stock, which isn't the easiest packaging material to bond.

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Surebonder Peelable Gummy Glue

Thursday November 15, 2012

Surebonder has a unique fugitive glue that is commonly referred to as gummy glue. This PSA hot melt is perfect for your marketing endeavors. We at like this adhesive so much we find ourselves using it to hang up notes in our cubes and offices. We are thinking gummy glue could come in handy this holiday season for hanging up holiday decorations. But, that's besides the point. Surebonder's Credit Card Peelable Glue is great for using on multiple marketing applications....

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Freezer Grade Hot Melt

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Freezer grade hot melt information and product guide

Standard hot melt formulations are great for carton closing under normal conditions but when it comes to temperature extremes, a custom formulation is often necessary. carries a wide range of freezer grade products in both stick and bulk form that are FDA approved for indirect contact with food. These formulas are great for carton closing, even on coated stocks, for products that will end up in the refrigerator or freezer. 

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Loctite Hysol 7901 Glue Stick Alternative

Friday September 7, 2012

Loctite 7901 glue stick equivalent

Loctite Hysol 7901 Polyamide Glue Stick Equivalent

Loctite Hysol 7901 is a polyamide hot melt with a low viscosity. 7901 is used extensively for potting and encapsulating in the electronics industry. This product has been discontinued per our customers' knowledge. We have found them the perfect alternative. Chances are if you were using Loctite Hysol 7901 you will love Power Adhesives 7718.

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Surebonder Glue Sticks

Friday August 24, 2012

Surebonder glue stick guide

Surebonder Glue Sticks

Surebonder manufacturers an excellent line of hot melt glue sticks and slugs. Surebonder glue sticks are made in the USA with hot melt formulations that will bond to almost any surface or substrate. carries the complete line of Surebonder products at guaranteed low prices with most items in stock.

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3M Hot Melt Equivalents

Friday July 6, 2012

3M carries a wide range of hot melt adhesives that satisfy a number of different applications. 3M products are know world wide as being well engineered and reliable, however, there they also tend to be on the high end of the spectrum in terms of price. We find that many of our customers are anxious to find alternatives to their current 3M adhesives. has put together a little 3M hot melt cross reference guide of some of the most popular 3M hot melt products. The hot melt cross reference chart includes 3M hot melt and their equivalents by Ad Tech and Power Adhesives.

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Glue Stick Review | Plastics Hot Melt Sticks

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Plastics Hot Melt Sticks by Infinity Melt

Plastic is one of the hardest surfaces to bond to but we have found a hot melt glue stick that will bond polyethylene, PVC and PET. This hot melt is commonly used for PE boxes and display units. It has an open time of 28 seconds and a set time of 17 seconds. We have had numerous customers find success in their applications with these sticks and have even put the product to the test in the lab.

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Polyamide Hot Melt Sticks

Friday April 27, 2012

Polyamide hot melt glue stick guide

Polyamide Hot Melt Overview

Polyamide hot melt is a unique formulation in the hot melt industry. It is typically more expensive than traditional EVA glue stick products but offers a wide range of benefits that other hot melt formulations cannot. 

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3M Glue Stick Alternatives

Tuesday April 17, 2012

3M is a bit crafty when it comes to their hot glue guns. Each gun takes a very specific size hot melt stick which 3M does to make you committed to 3M products. The 3M hot melt stick sizes are 5/8 x 2 TC, 1/2 x 12 AE, 5/8 x 8 Q, 1 x 3 PG. 

Now the good news? Our friends at Ad Tech have hot melt stick size PG (1" x 3") for several of their hot melts and also have one adhesive available in TC (5/8" x 2") size at this time.

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Color Glue Sticks & Glitter Glue Sticks | A Craftsters Dream

Friday April 6, 2012

A hot glue gun & hot glue sticks are a mandatory tool for any craftster. We have color hot glue sticks available in red, black, green, yellow, blue, sliver, and gold.

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KNOT-TEC Knot Filling & Wood Repair

Monday March 5, 2012

We originally didn't think a cost effective wood repair system could be so easy and effective, but boy were we wrong! Power Adhesives has developed the ultimate product for woodworkers, KNOT-TEC knot filling adhesive has been designed for fast wood repair...

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