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5 Great Tips for Using Power Adhesive TEC Glue Guns

Thursday August 25, 2016

5 Tips for Using Power Adhesives TEC Bond Glue Guns

Whether you are seeking a quality glue gun that will hold up to the demands of an industrial environment or you already own and use one, Power Adhesives' line of TEC glue guns offers a great range of features that can save time and money in many applications.

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The Ultimate AdTech Glue Gun Guide

Thursday April 7, 2016

AdTech, or Adhesives Technologies Inc, has been one of the most trusted names in industrial glue guns and hot melt adhesives for more than 30 years. AdTech specializes in the development and manufacturing of the most innovative, and high quality glue guns and products around the globe. They offer a wide variety of products, including more than 25 different types glue guns, and an assortment of glue sticks and glue gun accessories, all designed to help you find exactly the gun you need for any application in the craft, industrial, DIY, OEM and export markets.

The following guide will provide you with information regarding glue guns from AdTech that are available here on You will find information on each model specifications, as well as what industries and applications they are best suited for. You can also always feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives for additional information by calling (877) 933-3343.

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The Evolution of the Glue Gun

Thursday January 21, 2016

The Evolution of the Glue Gun

Whether you're laying new flooring, working on your latest scrapbook, or installing drywall, have you ever wondered who came up with the amazing (but somewhat strange) tool that allows you to do what you love? Who thought up the idea of melting sticks of hardened plastic in a handheld, self-heating trigger chamber to glue things together? ... And more importantly, how did the glue gun evolve to include new and dynamic delivery systems that leverage pneumatic power, ergonomic efficiency, and ultra sensitive temperature controls that transform the glue gun from a tool to POWERtool?

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Get The Hottest Tools: Top Glue Guns for Every Budget

Thursday December 3, 2015

Glue Guns for Every Budget


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Surebonder PRO2-60 Cordless Hot Melt Gun

Tuesday July 21, 2015

Surebonder Pro2-60 Battery Glue Gun

Surebonder's Pro2-60 is a lightweight, portable glue gun will melt your heart. With up to one hour of cordless use courtesy of to its powerful 18V lithium-ion battery and smooth ergonomic design, this gun was made to be used. And used often. The cordless design allows for greater flexibility and ease so you can focus on your project without getting tangled in a bulky cord or limited by your power source.

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Glue Gun Reviews | TEC 6100

Thursday May 22, 2014

Power Adhesives TEC 6100 glue gun review


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Hot Melt Guns for Creating POP Displays

Friday May 24, 2013

POP display glue gun recommendations

Point-of-purchase displays often utilize hot melt sticks and guns. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most popular hot melt guns used in the POP display industry. These guns range from simple electric units to hot melt guns with built-in reservoirs allowing for the use of bulk adhesive. Whatever your application, has an applicator to maximize efficiency and budget.

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Top 10 Best Selling Hot Melt Guns

Friday May 10, 2013

Best selling hot melt glue guns of 2012

2012 has long come and gone, and as we reflect on a great year, we decided it would be a good time to recap the top selling hot melt glue guns from yesteryear. The hot melt guns that made the top ten are all excellent quality, but have a range of differences. These hot melt guns cover a broad scale of applications and glue stick sizes but what they all have in common is their undisputed popularity with the customers. For more information or help choosing your next hot melt gun, feel free to contact us or visit our complete hot melt gun section.

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Ad Tech PRO 200 Glue Gun Review

Friday October 26, 2012

Ad Tech PRO 200 glue gun review

Overall Rating from 4/4

Ad Tech PRO 200 Glue Gun Overview

The PRO 200 is a great light industrial glue gun. This glue gun packs quite a punch for it's slender size. This 200 watt glue gun with a PTC heating system warms up in just 3 minutes! It delivers 3.5 pounds of hot melt per hour.

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Glue Machinery Champ 3 Glue Gun Review

Wednesday October 3, 2012

Glue Machinery Champ 3 glue gun review

Overall Rating from 3/4

Glue Machinery Champ 3 Glue Gun Overview

The Champ 3 is a bulk dispensing glue gun, which is a major advantage for this hot melt gun. Glue Machinery's Champ 3 bulk hot melt gun melts chips, pellets and pillows. Since, the Champ 3 uses bulk hot melt, it can reduce cost of production, since bulk is generally less expensive than hot melt sticks. This industrial glue gun is easy to use and perfect for numerous applications; some are packaging, bookbinding and even golf club customization.

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Surebonder PRO 450 Glue Gun Review

Wednesday September 19, 2012

Surebonder PRO 450 glue gun review

Overall Rating from 3.5/4

Surebonder PRO 450 Glue Gun Overview
Surebonder's PRO-450 Industrial Glue Gun features 450 watts of heating power and warms up in just 2-3 minutes! Plug-in this heavy-duty gun and turn the power switch to "on" and you are good to go. This industrial glue gun weighs 1.85 pounds and it's ergonomic handle makes it perfect for operating for extended period of time.

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Surebonder PRO 100 Hot Melt Gun Review

Friday September 14, 2012

Surebonder PRO100 glue gun review

This specialty adhesive applicator is great for dispensing fugitive glue, pressure sensitive hot melt and PUR adhesives. This unique glue gun makes you able to apply pressure sensitive and fugitive adhesives without needing a bulk application. The Pro 100 glue gun will save you money and time on small jobs that don't warrant purchasing bulk applicators. 

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Glue Gun Reviews | TEC 6300 by Power Adhesivess

Monday May 14, 2012

Power Adhesives TEC 6300 glue gun review

The TEC 6300 Pneumatic Hot Melt Gun is truly impressive. This heavy duty hot melt gun is ideal for heat sensitive materials. The TEC 6300 lays down an adjustable spray pattern of hot melt allowing users to cover a wide surface area. Use different spray nozzles to even further fine tune the amount of adhesive and pattern being delivered.

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Top 3 Light Industrial Glue Guns

Tuesday May 8, 2012

Light industrial glue gun review and comparison


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Glue Gun Reviews | AdTech MT 500

Monday April 9, 2012

Ad Tech MT500 glue gun review

Ad Tech's MT 500 hot glue gun is tried and true. The MT500 hot melt gun has a lot to offer for the price. It is an industrial grade gun that can handle high volume applications across a variety of industries including woodworking, product assembly, packaging and much more. The Ad Tech MT 500 is consistently among our top sellers.

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Glue Gun Reviews | TEC 3200

Wednesday April 4, 2012

Power Adhesives TEC 3200 glue gun review

We reviewed the TEC 3200 hot glue gun made by Power Adhesives. We were impressed by this heavy duty hot melt applicator. The temperature module is a great way to ensure your gun is at the correct temperature for your hot melt. The output of the TEC 3200 makes this gun the perfect fit for mid to high volume applications.

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Cordless Glue Gun Review: Gas TEC 600

Thursday December 22, 2011

Gas TEC 600 glue gun review

The Gas TEC 600 is our brand new cordless glue gun that runs on standard store bought butane fuel. We just got one in this week for testing and I must say I am very excited about this glue gun.

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